Principal's Message


                                Dr. Rakesh Kumar Vyas


From : 10.08.2017


Blessed by nature’s beauty in abundance K. V. BSF Dantiwada is a promise to Education.

The beautiful thing about education, is that, no one, can take it away from you.

Our aim is to show the way in the right perspective so that everyone can meet

the coming challenge without any problem.

No one had everything nor ever will have. Every one has something, however small.

Take stock of your talents, some have mental ability, others have health and

physical strength, while many have a strong personality which carry them swiftly

along the road to achievement.

The world may not shout your name aloud from the housetops or

print it in head lines, but what ever you do, how ever small or slowly,

if you achieve them you are a winner.


“If it is to be, It is up to me” !


Be Dynamic, enterprising, confident and enthusiastic with strong determination and commitment. Beckoning you the ultimate success.